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For me climbing has always been a natural compulsion from trees to rocks to mountains and developed along with my love of being outside.
     There are many reasons why I love climbing—there's the physical pleasure, the mental challenge, the beauty. But underlying all is the compulsion to explore, to wonder what is possible, where we have come from and where we are going.
     I have a recurring dream, that I've dreamed for as long as I can remember where I'm on the epic of all epic climbs, striving upwards on the slopes of a vast mountain. In the dream I find myself variously winding my way up steep buttresses and intricate overhangs or striding up a never ending snow slope, weathering storms and set backs but always persisting, finding a way through impasses and finally arriving in the world of the summit zone—a different world where time slows down and everything is clear. A state long lost re-emerges, reinvigorated and rejuvenated from the mists of time.
     I now understand that climbing is an outward physical expression of an equally hazardous ascent and exploration that must be made within our minds—in the human brain.
     Since 1987 I've been exceedingly impressed, confronted and challenged by the paradigm shifting biological synthesis of Australian biologist Jeremy Griffith.
     I'm a founding patron of the World Transformation Movement (WTM), formerly the Foundation for Humanity's Adulthood (FHA), which was formed to support this ground breaking work. This information brings new and much needed understanding to the human situation in first principle biological terms. On a day to day basis it has brought clarity and transparency within and without my world [see the World Transformation Movement  website for more information].
     The work of the WTM is my main priority in life, and my other interests and what I have learned along the way allow me to earn a living from doing other things that I love. Climbing and other activities such as skiing will always be a lifelong passion. As well as the occasional private expedition, each year I conduct exploratory expeditions to little visited parts of the mountain world [see Treks page].
     Ever since my first ascent of Everest in 1984 I have been invited to give inspirational lectures about my climbing experiences to a diverse range of groups from corporate functions to schools [see Talks page].
     Since 1991 I've been involved with my climbing partner Roland Tyson in a business venture utilising my outdoor-knowledge and penchant for gadgetry making outdoor and travel accessories under the label Sea to Summit [see Sea to Summit website].

Tim Macartney-Snape successfully climbed Mt Everest by a new route without oxygen from Tibet in 1984 and then again from Nepal in 1990 during his famous Sea to Summit expedition. He has also made first ascents of other great peaks including Annapurna 2 and Gasherbrum IV. Tim is a patron of the World Transformation Movement which has developed a biological basis for understanding human nature. He is the Chairman of Leave No Trace Australia, which promotes environmental ethics and the preservation of integrity in natural landscapes. He is a member of the Fred Hollows Foundation and still has an active interest in the Nepal Eye Program. He is a director of the clothing and equipment manufacturer Sea To Summit Pty Ltd. Once a year, in conjunction with World Expeditions, Tim takes small groups of adventurous trekkers on expeditions to remote parts of the Himalaya and Africa. Tim is an inspirational speaker at corporate conferences and he especially enjoys giving lectures to school children about his expeditions. He lives in the Southern Highlands, New South Wales, Australia, located 100km's South of Sydney.
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